Rebirth: Chapter 13 (Part 1)

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Chapter 13: Going Over by Taxi, Congratulatory Birthday Gift (For an Elderly Person)

(Part 1)

Lu Anran trotted over to Ji Rou and said, “Mum, Chu Yao said that she and her mother would like to go with us to Grandpa’s house.”

“Sure!” Ji Rou nodded her head, she does not mind. Usually, Lu Anran will also bring Chu Yao along to any events she attended. She was already accustomed to it all.

Hearing Ji Rou’s agreement, Chu Yao’s facial expression distinctly became warmer, even Lin Meifeng had a twinkle in her eye.

“But our car has not enough seats ey!” Lu Anran showed a troubled face, “the car sent for repair from the previous car accident is still not back yet! The present car model, including Uncle Zhang, can only seat four people. If Chu Yao and her mother go with us, then there will be one extra person!”

“This……” Chu Yao hesitated and looked towards Lin Meifeng. The hint in her eyes was very obvious. She was telling Lin Meifeng: Just give up going!

But how can Lin Meifeng not go? She still want to continue showing off in front of her relatives and neighbours! So, Lin Meifeng thought up of an “idea” that “satisfies both sides”. Smiling, she said, “No problem no problem, Chu Yao and I will take a taxi there. We will be right behind you!”

Once Lin Meifeng’s words were out, Lu Anran almost burst with laughter but she still held it in. Glancing at Chu Yao, when she saw that her face was so black1, her heart suddenly felt extraordinarily comfortable, “Alright, also can!” After saying that, she pulled Ji Rou and left the house.

Chu Yao’s face was overcast with anger. When she walked past Lin Meifeng, she ferociously glared at Lin Meifeng, yet Lin Meifeng was puzzled. Was her suggestion not good? The car has not enough seats! It can’t be she walk there right?

Chu Yao clenched her fist tightly, as she stared at the black BMW mini model starting up in front of her and swore in her heart. “Lu Anran, if you fall into my hands one day, I’ll definitely make you DIE. A. VIOLENT. DEATH!”

Although, tomorrow is Lu Jianhao’s birthday, the Lu Family had already started preparating from half a month ago. The Lu Family’s main mansion, which took 9 years to construct, is located just outside the fringes of S city, covering an area of 23 acres. It sits in the west and faces eastwards and separates itself from the outside world with a 3-metre-tall engraved black gate. Leading from the gate is a smooth, paved boulevard with maidservants on both sides thoroughly cleaning up the courtyard.

At the end of the path lies a water fountain with statue in the middle that resembles an angel. Behind the fountain are nine steps leading to the main door of the house. Lu Jianhao’s wife was a Chinese-British mixed blood, so the entire architecture design of the Lu residence was built to replica classic European-style houses. The walls on the outside of the house were white, and translucent marble flooring reflecting the giant crystal chandelier on the ceiling could be seen the moment one steps into the house. In the midst of all these luxuries, a trace of loneliness could be detected.


1 meaning to pull a long face


13 thoughts on “Rebirth: Chapter 13 (Part 1)

  1. I know she doesn’t want to separate from Chu Yao yet.. but hopefully she could at least separate her family from them, especially her grandpa😐.. that biatch poisoned the poor grandpa using his own granddaughter’s name😢😢 That i can never forgive😠

    Thanks for the chapter!

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    1. Hmm…. there’s something else that has been bugging me though…
      Chu Yao died about the same time with MC no? Due to MC’s suicide bombing.. So, is there a possibility of her being “rebirth” too in the future?

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  2. Why is hard to tell mom that she pushed her into the pool and give a few examples of what she does to alienate her from other people in school? Unless the mom is an idiot she should be able to agree with her daughter.


    1. Because our main character wants revenge. Her mother would send chu yao away if she knew. Not to mention there is another enemy whos identity she doesn’t know and the only link to that person is chu yao.

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