Rebirth: Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Chu Yao and Her Mother, Off to Grandpa’s Birthday

On Saturday morning, Lu Anran sat down at the dining table wearing the clothes that Ji Rou has chosen for her the previous night. Tomorrow is Grandpa’s birthday and according to tradition, they would have to go to Grandpa’s house to help with the preparation. But, in reality they were only going there to accompany Lu Jianhao. The Lu Family has butlers and servants, so naturally the preparation would be completed without a hitch.

Lu Anran carefully wrapped her present with a light purple wrapping paper and placed it into her small backpack. Lu Jianhao will definitely be extremely delighted, after all she had spent a lot of time selecting this present!

Uncle Yu looked at the time and seeing that it was still early, he boiled a pot of peach blossom tea for Lu Anran who has just finished breakfast. These peach blossoms were from the peach blossom tree growing in the garden of Lu Anran’s house. Auntie Rong’s daughter- in- law thought that it was such a pity that the peach blossoms would fall after blooming, so she decided to pluck some to make tea. Lu Anran had taken a liking to it after drinking it once.

The delicate fragrance of the peach blossoms rose elegantly, and carried a trace of bitterness when drunk. It is also beneficial for beauty and dieting, what a wonderful tea! This season’s peach blossoms had also just flowered, so sitting under the large French window appreciating the flowers and drinking peach blossom tea has a certain kind of lingering charm.

“Ding dong, ding dong” the doorbell rang. Uncle Yu opened the door revealing Chu Yao and her mother dressed up in formal attire at the Lu Family’s doorstep.

“Anran, Anran!” Chu Yao bounded around Uncle Yu and trotted into the house. “When do we leave?”

“To go where?” the corner of Lu Anran’s eyes twitched, her good mood from early this morning disappeared.

“To go to your Grandpa’s house!” Chu Yao had already waited a very long time for this day to arrive!

As said by Lu Anran before, Chu Yao is just the daughter of Lu Jianhao secretary. So, she is not eligible to attend the upper-class banquet, let alone participate in Li Jianhao’s birthday party! But thanks to Lu Anran, she can bring her mother to the banquet every year, a fact that she and her mother capitalises on to be arrogant and proud in front of their friends and relatives.

“Go to my Grandpa’s house?” Lu Anran sneered condescendingly, she had really treated Chu Yao too well in her previous lifetime! Whenever there is anything delicious to eat or interesting to play with she never forgot to include Chu Yao, and every time she attended a party she has never failed to bring Chu Yao along.

Also, not only that, but every single piece of clothing worn by Chu Yao was paid for with Lu Anran’s money and all of her luxury goods were given to her from Lu Anran! This includes the dress that Chu Yao is currently wearing! Last month Ji Rou had asked a fashion designer from Paris to make this dress for Lu Anran, but at that time Chu Yao said that she liked it, so Lu Anran generously gifted it Chu Yao! Thinking about it now, she was really too foolish!

“Yeah, Yeah!” said Chu Yao as she shook Lu Anran’s arm excitedly. She heard that this time at Lu Jianhao’s 60th birthday banquet, even the Kyoto- based Long Corporation will send someone to give congratulation wishes! If she can join forces with Long Corporation, she will never care about the trashy Lu Family anymore! When that moment comes, even if Lu Anran brought her shoes, she would never wear it!

“What are you so excited about when I’m going to my Grandpa’s house?” Lu Anran said coldly as she extracted her arm from Chu Yao’s hands. “Are you implying that you want to go too?”

“I…” in that moment Chu Yao was left dumbfounded. Since young, she had always attended every banquet with Lu Anran ah!

“Anran, what are you saying!” Chu Yao’s mother – Lin Meifeng put up a smiling face and said, “Didn’t you invite Chu Yao and me every time?”

“Did I?” Lu Anran made a bewildered face. “Why don’t I remember!”

“You…” Lin Meifeng was struck speechless. She thought carefully and realised that Lu Anran really did not invite them! But all these are not important, the important thing is that she and her daughter must attend this banquet! After all its Lu Jianhao’s 60th birthday ah! She heard that there are many powerful people arriving from Kyoto, so if her daughter can marry one of the young masters of the prestigious family…She would be able to live comfortably for the rest of her life! So, no matter what she must go to that banquet!

“But don’t I usually go with you, Anran…..” Chu Yao smiled awkwardly. Inside her heart, she had already cursed Lu Anran tens of thousands of times, but restrained herself for the sake of her future prospects.

“That was then, now is different!” Lu Anran said with folded arms. “There will be many high-ranking figures with prestigious background in Country Z going to tonight’s banquet, along with an abundance of media presence. If I bring someone like you, with no status, no reputation, no prominent background or appearance…”

The one sentence “no status, no reputation, no prominent background or appearance” said by Lu Anran cut viciously into the apex of Chu Yao’s heart, ruthlessly gouging out a piece of her flesh! Chu Yao had always abhorred her family background, what rights does Lu Anran have to be a rich heiress, and she, Chu Yao only a secretary daughter? On what grounds? How can any part of Lu Anran is better than me? None of her aspects can ever match up to me! The only aspect that she, Chu Yao have only lost on was her family background! If she could, Chu Yao wanted to stab Lu Anran in her tummy with a knife a few times, but now was not the time. Today, no matter what she must be present at the banquet, Chu Yao swallow down all of her wrath and humiliation, put on an ingratiating face and tugged on Lu Anran’s arm. “Anran, I have waited such a long time for this day! You even gave me this formal dress, I…I really really want to go…can’t you bring me along just like last time? I definitely won’t embarrass you!”

Lu Anran looked at Chu Yao’s appearance and thought in her heart, “Yes, Yes! How can you embarrass me? You will only persistently instigate me to disgrace myself! She still remembered in the previous lifetime, at Lu Jianhao’s birthday banquet, Chu Yao had shined very radiantly.

At this moment, Ji Rou having finished her makeup and changed into a suitable apparel appeared at the first floor living room. “Anran, we can set off now!

When she saw Chu Yao and her mother she was astonished, Lu Anran never told her that she’s bringing along these 2 people ah! Although, Lu Anran treated Chu Yao very well before, but recently it seems like she (Lu Anran) was quite evidently distancing herself from Chu Yao.

“Auntie Ji!” Chu Yao saw Ji Rou, she smiled sweetly and greeted her.

“En.” Ji Rou replied. She looked towards Lu Anran, in her heart wondering what her daughter has up her sleeves1.

“Didn’t I tell you before?” Lu Anran said with a displeased frown. “Call my mom “Madam”!”

Chu Yao’s face went pale, she clenched both of her hands tightly behind her back, and when she opened her mouth again, her voice had also become very soft. “Madam…”

When Ji Rou heard the conversation between Chu Yao and Lu Anran, she suddenly understood, most likely these 2 kids had a falling out with each other!

Actually, she is quite fond of Chu Yao, she was cute, lovely and every time Chu Yao met her (Ji Rou), she always smiled very sweetly. The public praises of Secretary Chu at the company was also pretty good. Looks like she will need to have a chat with her daughter later tonight, at her age, conflict between friends should be handled carefully.

At the same time, Lin Meifeng who also heard the same conversation felt that it was strange. How did Lu Anran become so estranged from Chu Yao without her noticing? Chu Yao always told her that Lu Anran was a naïve fool who was easy to control!


1 葫芦里买的什么药 (Húlu lǐ mǎi de shén me yào): A saying. It means “what does one has up his/her sleeves?”.




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  1. Hmm… reading everything that she has done for her, I really can’t understand how evil CY’s heart is. What she is doing and what she is thinking really has no rhyme nor reason. Was she killed in the past life by LA? Lol. The only way I can justify her actions is by thinking that she has a few screws loose 🤔 or maybe she was brainwashed too like what she is doing to LA (how ironic). Well let’s see how this turns out.

    Anyway, I just started reading this and thank you very much!!! 😊

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  2. Haihhh.. no wonder she was so naive in her past life, turns out her mother is like that also smh… Aunt Ji ah~ that Chu Yao is a white lotus/green tea ah~


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