Rebirth: Chapter 10 (Part 2)

Chapter 10: Dealing with Director Lin, 60th Birthday

(Part 2)

[warning: this chapter contains vulgarities and crude words.]

“Let’s go!” Ji Rou saw that more and more people have gathered around and so she tugged on Lu Anran’s hand indicating her wish to leave this place.

“Hmpf” Lu Anran coldly snorted and only after shooting a sharp glance at Director Lin, that she allowed herself to be pulled away by Ji Rou to get onto the car.

Old Zhang started up the car and did not say anything more. Lu Anran was still so angry that she trembled from head to toe. In contrast, Ji Rou held onto Lu Anran’s hand feeling so gratified that her daughter had stood up for her, standing on her side. This led Ji Rou to feel really elated, and really happy.

The more Ji Rou acted this way, the more Lu Anran blamed herself and was filled with bitter remorse. Her loathing in her heart towards Chu Yao, and her Uncle Lu Junan intensified even more. She interlocked her fingers with Ji Rou and gently leaned against Ji Rou’s shoulder. “Mum, let’s move back into Grandpa’s house.”

“Eh?” Ji Rou was stupefied. Why would Anran suddenly give this kind of suggestion? “Don’t you dislike Grandpa?”

After the incident today, Lu Anran understood that this world is one that is unfriendly and brutal. The Madam of Lu Corporation was harassed by a repulsive person right in front of Lu Corporation’s front door, and the end result was that all of the security guards stood by to watch the excitement unfold!

Luckily, she was there today, what if she wasn’t? Perhaps, today Ji Rou would have been forcefully dragged into what’s-his-face Director Lin’s car, and the security guards wouldn’t even stop him! This is reality! Because her dad disappeared, so all kinds of scums also dared to bully her and her mum! This is precisely the kind of dog- shit world that they are living in!

“That’s not true….” In the previous lifetime, Lu Anran feared the strict Lu Jianhao very much. So, she was very unwilling to become close with him. It was only after Ji Rou passed away, and Lu Anran was placed in Lu Jianhao’s care that they gradually became close. As she recalled her previous lifetime, where Chu Yao had sent chicken soups tainted with slow-acting poison under her name, Lu Anran was truly furious at her own stupidity. “Grandpa always look so stern, he scares me…. but still in the end he’s Grandpa! I heard that Grandpa doted on Dad the most, he must be suffering after Dad disappeared, let’s go back and accompany him, he will definitely feel better!” Lu Anran said to Ji Rou.

It’s not that she is selfless, but rather because Lu Jianhao’s favourite is his eldest son Lu Junhao, so he will definitely ensure that both she and Ji Rou are well-protected.

“Alright” Ji Rou patted Lu Anran’s head, feeling like her daughter had grown up. “The day after tomorrow is your Grandpa’s 60th birthday, we can go to back to visit him and stay for a few days at the same time. If you feel happy and comfortable staying, then I will discuss with your Grandpa about moving back.” In any case, she and Hao ge have already married and left the Lu Household, if they want to move back, it’s still polite to inform Grandpa. To be honest, she is quite worried about Lu Jianhao, but because previously Lu Anran always refuse to meet Lu Jianhao, so it was hard for her to constantly visit him as well.

“Anran, what do you want to eat for dinner? Should I cook some steak for you?” Ji Rou suggested, but immediately after, she refuted it. “No, your fever just went down last night, you can’t eat that…”

“Mum, I want to eat lily lotus seed porridge!” Lu Anran told Ji Rou in a spoiled tone. Spare me! She never wants to eat meat ever again. The smell of blood and those scary images… Lu Anran does not want to see it ever again…

“Ok!” Ji Rou agreed. Both mother and daughter were driven by Old Zhang to the supermarket. First both of them shopped around and brought women apparel, then ate cakes and desserts. Lastly, they went to the large underground supermarket and tried out all the snacks and brought their groceries.

Old Zhang was left exhausted carrying all the big and small bags, yet seeing how happy Ji Rou and Lu Anran were, he felt that even if he is tired it is okay. But he made up his mind that if this kind of situation ever happened again, he will entrap the Butler Lao Yu into doing it! Humph!

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