Rebirth: Chapter 10 (Part 1)

Chapter 10: Dealing with Director Lin, 60th Birthday

(Part 1)

[warning: this chapter contains vulgarities and crude words.]

“I just want to talk to you! Are you looking down on me ah?” Director Lin was irritated, how can this woman be so ungrateful! She is just a whore who is husbandless but still dare to be so arrogant. If he wasn’t terrified of the Lu Family’s head Lu Jianhao, he would have already slept with this slut! He was enchanted at the very first sight of her, to the point he became muddled.

“I…” Ji Rou’s patience was wearing thin.

“So what if we look down on you?” Lu Anran threw Director Lin’s words back into his face.

“You!” Director Lin could not help but brightened his eyes as he looked at Lu Anran. Although she was still a student now, but it was obvious that in a few years, her beauty would mature into one that surpasses Ji Rou.

“You what you ah! Who do you think you are?” Lu Anran really wished she could give herself two tight slaps. In her previous lifetime, it was this disgusting scum that kept on pestering mum. She even believed her uncle when he said that Director Lin was a “suave gentleman”. Gentleman? What rubbish!

“Anran!” Ji Rou looked at her daughter and hurriedly pulled her hand. “Let’s go!”

“Mum, why didn’t you call security!” Lu Anran glanced at the guards standing a short distance away watching the excitement unfold. It was clear that they had no intentions to intervene.  She did not give any face to the guards and said “Is everyone blind to this person’s repulsive pestering? What is the job of a security guard? Is it to eat shit?! What a bunch of useless trash! Even the security guard captain should just be fired!” Lu Anran’s voice was very loud and the faces of the guards who heard her turned ashen, unable to believe that at their age, the person who reprimanded them was just a little girl.

“What do you mean by repulsive pestering!” Director Lin was offended. “What I am doing is wooing your mother!” It is so unexpected that Ji Rou’s daughter is just as beautiful! If he can play with both of them at the same time, wooing Ji Rou is indeed not in vain! (t/n: I’m trying to put this as delicate as I can, you guys understand what I’m saying right? -in a nutshell, he wants to have a threesome with them *vomits out indescribable things*)

After thinking about that, Director Lin’s eyes revealed a lewd light and the saliva secreting from his mouth increased the more he thought about it.

“Wooing?” Lu Anran gave a scornful laugh. “What a joke! What you were doing cannot be called wooing! The next time you woo a person, please do not make call next to the person’s car to your lady friend1 ok!? Also, what little sweetheart2, pah! With just your fatty liver2, you can take whoever you damn want to! Just stay away from my mum, do you hear me! Don’t think that our Lu Family is easy to bully!

Even if my dad is not at home right now, there is still me, Lu Anran! Just based on your position as a project manager of the puny Rong Corporation, you still dare to be a toad lusting after a swan flesh3! Get lost as far as possible, do you hear me? If you dare to appear in front of my mum again, I will personally go to your Rong Corporation and ask your CEO, how he’s managing his dog!”

“You! You!” Director Lin didn’t expect that Lu Anran’s mouth was so poisonous, and words he said to Ji Rou when he called before was actually overheard by her. He extended his finger to point at Lu Anran and opened his mouth to let loose a torrent of abuse, “You little…”

“You what you!” Lu Anran hollered before Director Lin could complete his sentence and shoved his finger away from her. “Don’t use your damned claw to anyhow point! Get lost as far as possible! Don’t you have a rendezvous with your lady friend in room 706 at Shanghai King Hotel tonight? Why in world are you still here? One room in Shanghai King Hotel is not cheap! It’s even a President Suite on the 7th level, did you secretly embezzle Rong’s Corporation’s public funds?! “

“You are making slanderous accusations!” The things that Lu Anran had said so casually led her to accurately step on Director Lin’s tail. “I’ll beat you to death you little slut!”

Lu Anran saw that Director Lin wanted to hit her and immediately kicked him between his legs. This kick was very heavy-handed and right on target. At the same time, Old Zhang who had been quietly cheering her on from the sidelines, was also one to be reckoned with. He pulled away Lu Anran and kicked him multiple times in the chest. Director Lin who was being stamped into the ground was forced into an extremely embarrassing and tight position. He resembled a soft-shelled turtle flipped on its shell, as he floundered about flailing his arms and legs.


1 Lady friend: I’m using this as another term for prostitute

2 This is a pun. The author used 小心肝儿 which can mean little liver or little sweetheart (term of endearment), so later the author used 脂肪肝 (fatty liver), the opposite of little liver. The author of making a pun that Director Lin often has many women, so much so that he has become greedy and fat.

3 A toad lusting after a swan flesh: means to aspire after something one is not worthy of.

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