Rebirth: Chapter 9 (Part 2)

The roses are beautiful but the guy giving them? (eh..not really ╮( •́ω•̀ )╭)

Chapter 9: Game Strategy, Appearance of Director Lin

(Part 2)

When classes for the day have ended, Lu Anran jotted down the assignments on the blackboard, straightened out her books and stationary, packed it away in her school bag and left the school. She recalled that Chu Yao have a supplementary class, but normally they do not head home together after school, so this time, she did not wait for her.

Lu Anran spotted Old Zhang waiting for her as soon as she came out of the school gates. As the previous car was sent for repair, Old Zhang has changed the car to pick Lu Anran. He was afraid that Lu Anran might not recognise the new car, so he kept waiting at the school gates, greatly fearing that he might miss Lu Anran.

Lu Anran sat in the car, looked towards Old Zhang and said, “Uncle Zhang, is it time for Mum to knock off?”

“Looking at the time…… Nearly!” Old Zhang responded, glancing at the time.

“Let’s go pick her up together!” Lu Anran said to Old Zhang.

“Understood, Young Miss.” Old Zhang replied. Old Zhang used to pick Ji Rou after sending Lu Anran home from school, today is the first time he is picking Ji Rou directly after picking Lu Anran.

The car smoothly crossed the city center and stopped in front of a 40+ multi- storied building, Lu Anran gave Ji Rou a call using her phone, “Mum, I’m downstairs, come down quickly!”

“Eh? You are downstairs?” Ji Rou was a little surprised.

“En! Uncle Zhang gave me a lift here!” Lu Anran replied, “Hurry and come down! Let’s go grocery shopping together!”

“Okay! Be good and sit in the car and wait for Mum!” Ji Rou hurriedly packed her things after hanging up the phone. She delegated some matters to her own secretary, and headed downstairs.

Lu Anran was bored waiting in the car. She caught sight of a grey Cadillac car parked beside her own car, a 200- pound fat man of about 165cm tall alighted from the car, in his hands were a large beautiful bouquet of delicate roses.

His phone rang as he passed Lu Anran at her side window. The phone connected with what seems to be this man’s lady friend. Their disgusting and obscene dirty talk caused Lu Anran to feel somewhat nauseated.

Seeing Ji Rou emerged from the office building, Lu Anran smiled and opened the car door on the other side. Once she alighted from the car, she noticed that the wretched oily man from before had hung up the phone and was approaching Ji Rou with the bouquet of roses.

All Ji Rou felt was awkwardness and aversion when confronted with this man’s pestering. “Mrs. Lu, I have been standing here waiting for you for more than an hour already! In any case, you should give me some face!” This man is really a trash that lie without even blinking an eye.

“Director Lin, I really do not have time!” Ji Rou continuously shove off the roses that were pushed in front of her.

“Why would you have no time?” Director Lin said, “Aren’t you just getting off work? It happens to be dinnertime too. Would be great to have a meal together! We can even discuss the plan in collaboration with your Lu Family.” Director Lin used work as an attempt to force Ji Rou to give in.

“You can talk to Lu Junan about matters regarding work, there is nothing to be said between me and you.” Ji Rou truly did not want to talk any further with this person. This person is really annoying! In her heart, she couldn’t help but resent Lu Junan for bringing such a large nuisance into her life.

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