Rebirth: Chapter 9 (Part 1)

Up above is the pic of what I think Desert city is, (came from The Elder Scroll)

Chapter 9: Game Strategy, Appearance of Director Lin

(Part 1)

During the siesta break after lunch, Chu Yao came to ask Lu Anran, “Anran…… What’s the matter with you today?” It wasn’t like her to be putting in such great efforts into her studies.

“You are not happy that I’m studying?” Lu Anran said, moving her eyes away from the book to look towards Chu Yao, the corners of her mouth smiling a smile that is not a smile.

“No… Not at all! How can that be?” Naturally Chu Yao would not say that she was unhappy, she switched and said, “just curious why did you suddenly started studying.”

“Because the High School Entrance Exam is just a few months away!” Lu Anran said, “if I don’t study, how am I going to enter High School?” while giving Chu Yao an extra note in passing using her eyes: Are you an idiot?

“Uh……” Chu Yao froze, she did not expect Lu Anran the blockhead to be aware of the upcoming High School Examination. On contrary, the other students in the class understood, so it was like this! Chu Yao was completely indifferent, only a few more months left, even if Lu Anran put all her energy and determination to study, it is impossible for her do better than me. It’s just that, seeing Lu Anran doing the right thing has put Chu Yao into a bad mood, “didn’t you say the last time that you wanted to finish that console game, what was it called, Desert City, right!”

“En, all missions were already cleared!” In her previous lifetime, Lu Anran has played numerous games, with innumerable Krypton gold, she bought the best walk- through guide to Desert City at high price from an overseas computer gamer. At that time, she felt that both the display and CG were beautiful, and each hurdle was also ingeniously designed. She has played it many times over.

“Liar!” Chu Yao could not believe it. She heard that game was one of the most difficult game in the past few years. To clear levels without a guide would require at least a whole year, Lu Anran only used 3 months to clear all levels? How can that be!

“Seriously!” The boys in Lu Anran’s class boiled with excitement, “you must be joking!” They were also playing Desert City, and have often discussed with each other in private, it was really difficult, “how did you get out of the front secret room in the Vacant City?”

“You can come out once you have gathered all 4 keys!” Lu Anran remembered that the secret room in Vacant City was one of the hurdles right at the beginning. At that time, she spent three whole months just finding the four keys!

“Where did you find the last key!” Another person asked again.

“The eyes in the portrait of the deceased grandmother.” Lu Anran still remembered this one, clicking on the eye triggers memories of the Vacant City which illustrates the life of the grandmother. Lu Anran was so touched that she cried.

“It’s actually there!” Everyone had an air of realisation, “Since you have completed all hurdles, what is the ending? What is the grand finale of Desert City?”

“How are all of you going to play if I come out and say it!” Lu Anran shrugged her shoulders, “Play amongst yourselves, I can only tell you that the Desert City is really an excellent excellent game!”

This time, everyone believed the words of Lu Anran, and each one of them was dying for classes to be over so that they could immediately rush home to continue playing. But there were a few pragmatists that did not forget to ask Lu Anran, “Can we ask you if we cannot pass a level!”

“Sure!” Lu Anran nodded, “You can always come and ask me if you cannot pass a level, but the High School Entrance Exam is coming right up, we should still prioritise on our studies! Anyway, the game is right there, it is not going to disappear right! There is only this one chance for the High School Entrance Exam, if missed, you guys will have to wait another year!” Lu Anran expressed her own opinion.

“EN EN!” The classmates changed their views toward Lu Anran.

Seeing Lu Anran becoming one with the masses, Chu Yao was a little dissatisfied, it shouldn’t be like this! The only person who integrates well with others should only be herself, Chu Yao! Lu Anran only needs to roll to a corner of the class and sleep like the dead! How can it turn into the present situation! This is too far off from her expectations.

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    1. Most games are blurry to me unless they left a deep impression. For instance, I can still remember the more important parts and puzzles of Zelda (ocarina of time) that I played on n64 over and over and really struggled if that’s her Zelda then I understand xD

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  1. Why did my brain spit out Lara Croft Tomb Raider? Like seriously, of all games? This shows just how out of I am with games….I haven’t even tried Kingdom Hearts yet…..😭


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