Rebirth: Chapter 8 (Part 2)

*Drumrolllllllll!!!” Appearance of Linda~~~ (which is by the way the pic shown up there (>.<)

Chapter 8: Tricking Chu Yao, Studying Hard

(Part 2)

“Why were both of you absent from the morning reading?” Standing on the dais was the home-room teacher – Teacher Lin, a beautiful English teacher in her late 20s.

“I was at home waiting for Anran to come…I am also not sure why she came so late today.” Chu Yao said innocently, effectively pushing all the blame onto Lu Anran.

If this was Lu Anran in the previous lifetime, she will definitely take responsibility for all of it, but in this lifetime, she’s not so generous. Even then she (Lu Anran) also did not want to become enemies with her (Chu Yao), after all she have yet to lure out the mysterious manipulator behind the scenes. Lu Anran continued Chu Yao’s words and said, “I got into a car accident on the way into the city, so I got delayed for a while.”

Thinking back now, Chu Yao remembered seeing dents on the side of the car and suddenly understood the reason why Lu Anran was so full of anger this morning, to the point that she did not even go upstairs to call her (Chu Yao). As it turns out she had suffered elsewhere, based on her attitude she must have been extorted rather severely ah! Just thinking about this, Chu Yao mood suddenly turned happy – as long as Lu Anran is feeling upset, she feels contented.

“Car accident?” Teacher Lin was shocked, she glanced at Lu Anran from head to toe and after confirming that she was unhurt, she asked, “where?”

“The Lin Shan Mountain Road.” Lu Anran replied.

“Oh…” Teacher Lin nodded her head, that road connects the S City’s Villa District and the City Centre and is indeed a place with high accident tolls. “Go back to your seats!”

“En!” Lu Anran returned to her seat according to her memories, seating next to her was her tablemate – Linda, who maintained a certain distance from Lu Anran. Linda is a model student in class, the super studious type that has always looked down on Lu Anran who sleeps in class all day.

Lu Anran opened her schoolbag, took out an almost new textbook, and almost burst out laughing. Thinking about it, I was really stupid! She’s already in 9th grade yet her book had so little creases that it was pitiful.

In the first period, Lu Anran listened really seriously, and even diligently wrote down notes. Even Teacher Lin up on the dais was so surprised that her glasses almost fell. She has taught Lu Anran for 3 years, and there was not one period that Lu Anran was awake! But even then, because Lu Anran did not bother other students when she was sleeping, she just turned a blind eye to her.

She could not believe that Lu Anran at this moment was not only totally absorbed in listening to her, but also diligently writing notes! It’s so rare!

When the bell signalling the end of the first period rang, Teacher Lin put away her teaching materials and left the classroom. The students also started to mingle, some started chatting, reading books or went to the toilet together.

“Linda, I don’t really understand this part, can you explain it to me?” Lu Anran asked her tablemate pointing to the section that Teacher Lin described before.

The noisy classroom instantly went so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

“Ah?” Linda said with an unbelieving expression, “What? What did you say?”

“This part, I don’t understand this part!” Lu Anran pointed at the section and asked, “didn’t the teacher say to memorise this part? But I don’t really understand it, can you explain it to me?”

“Err…ok…” Linda replied after a moment, and soon afterwards explained it to Lu Anran about the grammar and difficulties involved in this section. Even though, she should have mastered all these points of knowledge in 7th grade, but Lu Anran did not study at all last time so it is not surprising that she does not understand.

After listening to Linda’s explanation, understanding suddenly dawned onto Lu Anran, she flipped open a brand-new notebook and noted down the points of knowledge explained by Linda. If there was points she did not understand, she will ask Linda, and she would patiently give Lu Anran a much simpler and straightforward explanation.

Lu Anran wrote everything down and started memorising, until the bell signalling the start of the next period rang. Everyone in the class all looked at each other, simply unable to reconcile the present-day hardworking, studious Lu Anran and the Lu Anran in the past who sleeps from morning to night, only waking up during lunch break, as the same person.



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