Rebirth: Chapter 8 (Part 1)

The above picture is what I think Lu Anran’s school is like! Super fancy and expensive~

Chapter 8: Tricking Chu Yao, Studying Hard

(Part 1)

After that accident that just happened moments ago, Old Zhang was more careful, and did not dare to speed anymore. He steadily drove the car to the front of Chu Yao’s home, turned his head and looked towards Lu Anran, “Young Miss, we have reached Miss Chu… Chu Yao’s house, I will go and call her.”

“En!” Lu Anran replied.

Old Zhang opened the car door, got out and knocked on the door. Chu Yao’s mother opened the door and upon seeing the Lu Family’s car, she smiled from ear to ear and yelled, “Chu Yao, Anran is here! Quickly come down to go to school!”

“Okay!” replied Chu Yao, “Coming!”

Old Zhang returned to the car, closed the door and waited. After 10 minutes, Chu Yao still have not come down. Lu Anran lowered the car window and looked towards to the direction of Chu Yao’s room, she could faintly see Chu Yao shadow appear indistinctly behind the white curtains.

Lu Anran withdrew her line of sight and smiled scornfully. She suddenly remembered in her past life, Chu Yao would always wait for her (Lu Anran) run upstairs and ask her (Chu Yao) to come down. This time, it was probably the same! Lu Anran said to Old Zhang, “Uncle Zhang, beep the horn.”

“Okay!” Old Zhang beeped the horn a few times.

After about a minute, Lu Anran rolled up the car window and said, “Uncle Zhang, we won’t wait for her anymore, let’s go!”

“Ah?” Old Zhang was stupefied, why was she so different from before? Nevertheless, his hands and feet still deftly and quickly pull down the handbrake and stepped on the accelerator.

Seeing the car move off, Chu Yao who was still upstairs panicked. What’s going on? It shouldn’t be like this! With no time to think, Chu Yao grabbed her schoolbag and rushed downstairs.

The car had just started to move, so it was still moving slowly. Old Zhang caught a glimpse of a chasing Chu Yao. This time, he quick-wittedly asked, “Young Miss?”

“Stop the car after driving 50m.” The corners of Lu Anran’s mouth curled mockingly.

As the black car gradually proceeded further and further away, Chu Yao was dumbfounded and instantly started chasing to catch up with the car. she lives quite a distance away from school, and it was only because she especially called up and confirmed that Lu Anran was going to school, that she waited until now.

The fact that she would not come downstairs this morning was because she purposely wanted Lu Anran to personally go up to call her to go to school just like before, who asked Lu Anran to say such mean words last night! But Lu Anran was so strange today, not only did she not come and call, she even drove off and left without her! At this moment, the black sedan car gradually slowed to a stop once again. Chu Yao stopped her pursue of the car and stood there huffing and puffing waiting for the car to turn back to pick her up. Who knew that the sedan car did not even move a single inch, Chu Yao bit her lower lip upsettingly and believed that there must be something wrong with Lu Anran’s brain.

“Uncle Zhang, beep the horn.” Lu Anran said as she observed Chu Yao standing a short distance away through the rear-view mirror of the car, a smile appearing subtly at the corners of her mouth. “If she doesn’t move after you beep the horn, drive another 50m!”

Old Zhang beeped the horn and sure enough Chu Yao only stubbornly straighten her back and did not move. Following Lu Anran’s instructions Old Zhang drove for another 50m and stopped the car. This time, Chu Yao did not dare to act hastily, after chasing and catching up to the car, she hurriedly open the back-car door and slipped into the backseats. Chu Yao’s beautiful and charming face was flushed from running, the high ponytail that she put up was loosened and messy, all in all looking totally dishevelled.

“Anran, why… why didn’t you wait for me today?” Chu Yao words were lanced with a trace of discontent and complain. She’s so tired.

“I didn’t wait for you?” Lu Anran’s eyes held a tinge of ridicule, “are you sure?”

“I…” Chu Yao knew very clearly that Lu Anran waited for her, but she (Lu Anran) didn’t go upstairs to personally call her ah! Its all because of her (Lu Anran) that she (Chu Yao) had to chase the car, making her so tired! But she definitely can’t say that, and instead she turned the question around and said, “why…why didn’t you wait a bit longer for me?”

“Look at the time yourself.” Lu Anran shot a glance at Chu Yao. “You are also a class monitor! Look at the time, you even missed the morning reading!” By doing this she successfully pushed all of the blame completely away from herself.

“I…” for a moment Chu Yao was speechless, she opened her mouth, but can only swallow her grievances into her belly. The whole way to school the atmosphere in car quietened down to the point that it became chilling.

After reaching the school, Lu Anran carried her schoolbag, and got down from the car. Chu Yao followed closely behind and the both finally entered the classroom for Period One as the last echoes of the bell faded.


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  1. I LOVE! The way she died was so cruel that I hope we will get satisfying justice for her in her new life. Also wondering why the ML seems to know her! And that BITCH.
    Thanks for your wonderful work!

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