Rebirth: Chapter 7 (Part 2)

Chapter 7: Sudden Traffic Accident, A Chance Encounter with Long Corporation

(Part 2)

However, without giving Old Zhang a brief respite, a silvery white car suddenly collided head- on with the car Old Zhang was driving. Luckily both chauffeurs were very experienced, bringing the danger to a minimum, only the body of the car was scratched and bumped, such that the valve of the car driven by Old Zhang sunk down, and the right rear- side mirror was smashed into pieces.

The other car was not so fortunate: The silvery white car was a new model of sports car, to allow acceleration of speed in a shorter time frame, the weight of the sports car was reduced, causing the body of car to be rather fragile. When it is hit in such a way, although nothing happened to the driver and passenger, the left side of the body was left with a large area of depression. If sent for repairs, it would cost at least $800,000.

“Oi! Do you know how to drive ah!” the driver in the other car rebuked after rushing out of his car, pointing his fingers to the car that Lu Anran was in. The person in the car was not some commoner, if seriously knocked or hit, even a hundred lives is not enough to compensate!

“Young Miss, please stay in the car. I’ll go and negotiate.” Old Zhang turned around and said to Lu Anran.

“No need.” Lu Anran glanced at the license plate of that silvery white sports car, and was also alarmed. She did not expect to run into a person from Long Corporation. Country Z’s Long Corporation, an existence that Lu Corporation can only respectfully look up to. In her previous lifetime, she has also only heard Grandpa and Chu Yao mention in passing, she did not expect to have a chance encounter. But doesn’t Long Corporation only have activities in the capital and aboard? Why would they be here in S city at this time?

“Young Miss?” Old Zhang looked at Lu Anran, who was staring blankly. Lu Anran pushed open the car door and walked out the first step.

The other driver saw a girl who looked like a student came out of the car, for a moment, he was at a loss. A girl. How is he supposed to scold? He can only silently curse the other party for being despicable, going way off the script, actually letting a young girl to come out.

“I am Lu Anran. We will take full responsibility for this accident.” Lu Anran smiled gently, “Could you tell the person in the car to leave me a bank account number, I will transfer the repair fee to your account.” $800,000 may be a lot, but to Lu Corporation, it is not that much, there is no need to offend Long Corporation over this little money. If she can make a friend, then it may be beneficial in future, after all, she still has a mysterious enemy with hidden attributes. Lu Anran opened her knapsack, took out a sticky note, wrote down her name and mobile number, and handed it to the driver.

“This……” He did not expect Lu Anran to be so flexible, he has not even mentioned anything. He took the sticky note, jogged back to the side of the car, and lightly knocked on the car window. The car window slowly rolled down, “Young Master, that girl said that they will take full responsibility, and asked for our account number.” After saying that, he passed the sticky note to the youth in the car.

“En……” The youth in the car was about 17 to 18 years old. He wore a white shirt with navy- blue jeans, and was a fresh and clean appearance. At this moment, he also seemed to be lost in thought, as if he is not at all interested in the way this was being handled. After listening to the words of his chauffeur, he raised his head to have quick look at that sticky note, and froze momentarily, “Lu Anran?”

“EN!” The chauffeur nodded and said, “She introduced herself as Lu Anran from Lu Corporation.”

“Interesting……” The corners of the youth’s mouth slightly rose, “let them go!”

“Eh?” The chauffeur was distinctly surprised, “No need for them to compensate?” The repair fee for this is $800,000 ah!

“As it happens, I’m thinking of changing my car.” The youth took the sticky note from his chauffeur. Lu Anran’s name and a string of numbers were written in a lovely calligraphic style with a blue ballpoint pen. The writing was pretty and delicate. Slender fingers brushed over the string of numbers, and a smile emerged unconsciously before one’s eyes: He has already received the best compensation.

“…… ” The chauffeur was dumbfounded, only two words arose in his brain: Rich! Wilful! Since Young Master had said so, what else can he say? He went back to Lu Anran and repeated the words of his Young Master.

“Don’t want it anymore?” Lu Anran froze and thought for a moment, Long Corporation is extremely wealthy, probably not lacking in such little money.

“EN!” The chauffeur just responded with a word, turned, and returned into the silvery white sports car. Before leaving, he did not forget to glare at Old Zhang who was standing behind Lu Anran: Really despicable, to go as far as to send out a little girl, such a lack in class.

At this very moment, if Old Zhang was aware of the other party’s thoughts, Old Zhang would surely spread both hands to express his innocence.

“Let’s go!” Lu Anran took a final glance at silvery white sports car, turned and returned into the black sedan car.

“Okay.” Old Zhang got on hurriedly, Young Miss is going to be late for school.

Yet the youth that sat upright in the silvery white sports car kept his gaze on her figure till the last second. Only when the black sedan car disappeared in eddy of dust, he reluctantly turned to his chauffeur and said, “drive!”

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  1. Wait. They were in a car accident right? The impact from what described in the novel is not severe?


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