Rebirth: Chapter 7 (Part 1)

I’m assuming Krypton gold mentioned here and every chapter after refers to currency in games 😉

Chapter 7: Sudden Traffic Accident, A Chance Encounter with Long Corporation

(Part 1)

Lu Anran went out of the door into her own family’s black sedan car, the chauffeur Old Zhang looked at Lu Anran through the rear- view mirror, “Young Miss, I heard from Old Yu that you had a high fever last night, yet you are attending school today, is it really okay?” Old Zhang was already 40 years old this year. He has a medium stature, and wears a black suit. He also has 2 daughters, and his second daughter is the same age as Lu Anran. Old Zhang has watched Lu Anran grow up from a child, it’s impossible for him not to feel sorry on her behalf.

“Uncle Zhang, it’s alright, I feel pretty good now.” Lu Anran gave a comforting smile to the worried eyes of Old Zhang reflected by the rear- view mirror.

Old Zhang wanted to say something more, but stopped after much thought. From young, Lu Anran has never heed their advices, but on contrary, complied with all of Chu Yao’s whim, “Young Miss, are we still picking up Miss Chu Yao today?”

“Miss Chu Yao?” the corners of Lu Anran’s mouth drooped down in contempt, “Uncle Zhang, in future, just refer to her as Chu Yao, she is only a secretary’s daughter.”

“Ah?” Old Zhang was stunned, are the words of Young Miss serious? Previously, Lu Anran and Chu Yao had such good relationship till they were like the same person. She also demanded everyone to treat Chu Yao as her younger sister, Lu Family’s Second Miss……

This? Have they quarrelled? But from young, these two people do not seem to have quarrelled before! Old Zhang furrowed his brows, and asked hesitatingly, “then…… then are we still going to pick?”

Lu Anran looked out of the window, the clean and bright window reflected her serious face of contemplation, that deep face has already long surpassed the maturity of her age. Lu Anran really wanted to stamp her foot and swear: Who the hell want to pick up that slut! But she cannot do so, because at present, as far as she knows, only Chu Yao’s family that have contact with that mysterious person. She must continue to maintain contact with Chu Yao to have an opportunity to learn exactly who would want to harm Lu Corporation. Lu Anran suppressed the anger and annoyance in her heart, and softly said a word, “pick.”

“Okay.” Old Zhang responded. The villa district in the early morning was currently quiet. Old Zhang took a quick look at the time, and reckoned if they were to pick up Chu Yao, then he needs to take the urban district route. There would be a traffic jam at this time, so he must drive a little faster, if not Young Miss would be late. The strength used to step on the accelerator increased.

Lu Anran looked out of the window in a daze. Her previous self really gave Chu Yao too much privileges, but was still deceived and harmed to misery by Chu Yao. During class hour, Chu Yao continuously introduced comics and games to her, resulting in her being obsessed with it. All missions in the console games were completed, pages of online games were surfed and paid desperately in krypton gold. These situations directly led Lu Anran’s grades to sink to the bottom in middle school, and sleep during class. The form teacher feared the Lu Family’s influence and was disinclined to bother with her.

The overall score for all subjects for her High School Entrance Exam was only 130+ points. The Lu Family spent money to send her to the best First High School in S city, but she was advised to leave in merely 3 days as she fought with others for the sake of Chu Yao. Afterwards, she had to settle for the next best Second High School in S city. But in Second High School, under Chu Yao’s “kind suggestions”, Lu Anran also muddle along her days aimlessly with ignorance. During this period, Lu Anran’s High School Entrance Exam results was put up on the official senior high school website, which caused all her schoolmates to alienate her. Chu Yao was the only person who still accompanied by her side during this time, so Lu Anran really treated Chu Yao as her sole spiritual sustenance.

In the end, Chu Yao entered a national key university and was successfully recommended for postgraduate studies at Oxford while Lu Anran did not even pass junior college. Originally, the Lu Family wanted to send Lu Anran abroad to study once more, but was “advised earnestly” by Chu Yao. On impulse, Lu Anran went on a hunger strike, refusing to go abroad! “Pu……” thinking of one’s own stupid self, Lu Anran herself felt like a joke. Is there anyone that is even more foolish than myself?

“En?” Old Zhang could not understand what made Miss laugh suddenly. He thought that Miss was in a bad mood. Making a sudden turn, a stray cat came out of nowhere. Old Zhang was startled and abruptly stepped on the brake. The road was originally a sharp turn with the car going at high speed. Slamming the brake at this time rendered the entire body of the black sedan car that Lu Anran was sitting in to tilt dangerously, nearly turning upside down. Fortunately, Old Zhang’s reacted quickly. With his pretty good driving skills due to practicing for 20 over years, he managed to make the car steadily come to a stop.



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