Rebirth: Chapter 3 (Part 1)

Lu Junan is absolutely disgusting and thick- skinned. I feel darn sorry for the MC

Chapter 3: Waiting with You, Vowing to the Gods

(Part 1)

“Anran, quickly persuade Auntie Ji!” Chu Yao urged the silent Lu Anran.

“Mum!” Lu Anran raised her head, looking towards Ji Rou with a gentle expression, “I’m willing to wait with you for Dad’s return!” Lu Anran was fully aware that Lu Junhao was unlikely to come home, because she has never heard any news of him in her previous lifetime, but her mother is willing to wait and so, she is perfectly happy to wait with her mother, even if she must wait for a lifetime. Since God gave her a chance to atone, she will firmly grasp every bit of time to make up for her unfilial self in her previous lifetime.

Ji Rou froze and immediately, tears flowed down her cheeks, her daughter finally understood herself.

“This…” Lu Junan and Chu Yao were dumbfounded, this is different from what they thought ah! Chu Yao was also a bit confused, previously when she brought this up with Lu Anran, didn’t she agree with her?

“Anran, what are you saying? Do you want to ruin your mother’s life?” Lu Junan pulled a long face.

“Third Uncle, actually I feel that your suggestion is not bad. Let’s arrange to have a meal with Director Lin! I’ll also go!” Lu Anran said while smiling falsely.

Ji Rou was stupefied and looked disbelieving at Lu Anran, didn’t Anran just agreed to wait with her for Hao ge? Lu Anran lightly patted Ji Rou’s hand, giving her a faint smile.

“That’s right!” Lu Junan beamed with joy as soon as he saw that the matter has taken a favourable turn, “Dear Anran! Uncle will bring you a new game the next time I come over to see you!” Lu Junan was happy in his heart! If this business is a done deal, he will be the star of Lu Corporation!

“And call Grandpa to come too!” Lu Anran added, “I haven’t seen Grandpa for a long time!”

“This…” Lu Junan stopped smiling. Old man Lu occupies a position in Country Z for decades, whatever he is thinking, Lu Jianhao can see it with just a glance! If the old man knows that he plans on using his sister- in- law, then isn’t he screwed?! Don’t even talk about inheriting the Lu Corporation, the old man will skin him alive! Judging by the old man’s temper, it is very much possible for him to be kicked out of the Lu Family, henceforth severing all father and son relationship! This won’t do! This way, wouldn’t he end up with nothing?

“Anran, you…. Aren’t you very afraid of Grandpa Lu?” Chu Yao looked a little embarrassed. After all, she brainwashed Lu Anran for the longest time to keep Lu Anran away from other members of the Lu Family, so that she only trusted Lu Junan and herself ah!

“Yu Shu! Give Grandpa a call!” Lu Anran ignored Chu Yao’s words and called out for butler who was standing outside the door.

“Understood, Young Miss!” The voice of the butler, Yu Shu was heard from outside the door.

“Wait!” Lu Junan trembled with rage but he still patiently persuades Lu Anran, “Anran, listen to Uncle! Director Lin is a learned and skilled man. Even though he is young, he is already a Project Director at Rong Corporation, that’s really rare ah! Besides, I only wanted to let Sister- in- law and Director Lin to meet and have dinner together! If they take a fancy on each other, we can discuss this again. If not, we will forget about the whole thing! But if your mother doesn’t give this a chance, things will be difficult for Uncle! Uncle is also doing this for the sake of Lu Corporation ah!” It is simply remarkable how affectionate and logical the said words were!


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  1. Well this is only the third chapter and i feel like taking the souls of those relatives to torture and break already -w-) nice work author and translator for such lovely writings


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