Rebirth: Chapter 2 (Part 2)

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Chapter 2: Rebirth, and Force Marriage with Third Uncle

(Part 2)

“Anran! You’re awake!” Ji Rou looked at her daughter who had regained consciousness, the fears in her heart could finally be put to rest. She hurriedly extended her hand once again, feeling Lu Anran’s forehead, “Anran, how do you feel? Does your head hurt? Do you feel unwell anywhere?”

Lu Anran gazed at this familiar face, and for an instant she wanted to cry. Then she saw Chu Yao, who was also sitting by her bedside, and her eyes flashed with monstrous amount of loathing and bitterness.

“An, Anran… Why, why are you looking at me like that…” Chu Yao met Lu Anran’s stare and for a moment, her heart skipped a few beats. That time, she saw that no one was around and pushed Anran into the swimming pool. Anran can’t swim, so she made up her mind to kill her, however that damnable butler heard Anran’s cries for help and actually jumped from the second floor to rescue this fortuitous little slut, but still her acting skill is excellent. She assumed an air of anxiousness on the spot and the butler never suspected her.

Lu Anran stared rigidly at Chu Yao, it was this woman who caused her to die, it was this woman…

“Anran, you’re up!” Lu Junan smiled and said, “I was so worried about you! The moment I heard that you fell into the water, I hurriedly rushed over, even though it’s so late already.”

“What rubbish! Watching this false display of affection made Lu Anran want to vomit! It is exactly this kind of scum who intoxicated her, a mere 19 years old, and sent her into the room of an executive just to make it convenient for that executive to perform the deed, and allowed him (the third uncle) to gain some face1 in front of Grandpa… She was so foolish at that time! Listening and believing all the words of these wicked people! Thinking about herself, she was truly stupid!

In her father’s generation, Lu Junan is ranked as Lao San2, and is Lu Anran’s third uncle, but because, Lu Junan and Chu Yao always acted out a play in front of her, when Lu Junfeng is around. The moment Lu Junfeng sees her, he would start nagging and force her to study, so in the previous lifetime Lu Anran especially loathed this Second Uncle, and subconsciously refused to consider Lu Junfeng as a relative. She recognized Lu Junan as her only uncle, and as a result she calls Lu Junan Uncle and not Third Uncle! It’s such a pity that all her sincerity has been totally futile3!

Since God gave her an opportunity to re-live, this time she must protect both her mum and herself! She will definitely not let the malicious schemes of these despicable people succeed once more! Lu Anran concealed her disgust in her eyes and asked, “Third Uncle, your house is quite close to mine, why are you only here so late at night!”

“This…” For a moment, Lu Junan didn’t know what to say. In reality, if Director Lin didn’t call him suddenly, he won’t even come over. Whether Lu Anran is dead or alive has nothing to do with him! Also, why did Lu Anran call him Third Uncle and not Uncle like in the past?

“That…that… I heard from Dad that for the past two days, Uncle Lu has been out of country….” Chu Yao swiftly said to smooth over the awkward situation. “Exactly!” said Lu Junan, “I rushed back for you! See how much I care about you! You should also try to persuade your mother! Director Lin is such a good person! If your mother marries him, wouldn’t she also have someone to rely upon?

Lu Anran felt like slapping herself ruthlessly a few times, this scene is exactly the same as that year!

At that time, she felt that Uncle, who “rushed back” for her, was the person closest to her, and was so touched to the point of foolishness, so much so that she felt like her mother was dreadfully ignorant. She believed that everyone’s suggestions were for the good of her mother, but her mother was just too inflexible. So, at that time, she brutally broke her mother’s heart when she blurted out words that cannot be unsaid and even went to the extent of going on a hunger strike to force her. But, this time she will never do that!

  1. face: very important in Chinese culture, figuratively indicates to having self-respect or gaining respect from other people.
  2. Lao San: often a respectful form of address, it means that in hierarchy of seniority he is ranked third.
  3. Author used the word 喂了狗 which literally means fed to the dogs, and figuratively means that despite being sincere towards Lu Junan (Third Uncle), he didn’t appreciate it, and the end result was still the same, in other words one getting no thanks for one’s good intentions.

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