Rebirth: Chapter 2 (Part 1)

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Chapter 2:  Rebirth, and Force Marriage with Third Uncle

(Part 1)

Infinite darkness engulfed all her surroundings, even with her unceasingly running she was still unable to escape from the evil clutches that continuously dogged her footsteps. Lu Anran wanted to struggle, she wanted to cry out loud, yet she was unable to let out an iota of sound… just when she was about to give up all hope in this midst of darkness, she heard a familiar voice…

“Anran? Anran?”

“Mum…Mum…” Lu Anran felt tears of joy streaked across the corners of her eyes, how long has it been since she dreamed about her mother?

“Anran, Mum’s here! Don’t be afraid…” a gentle and soft hand stroked Lu Anran’s forehead, “it’s still a bit hot!”

“Madam, should I give Doctor Li a call?” it was the butler of Lu household, Yu Shu, who asked.

“Yes, call again!” Ji Rou frowned and said. She only took her eyes off her beloved daughter for one moment and she fell into the swimming pool, now she is still having a persistent high fever.

“Understood Madam!” the butler retreated.

“Auntie Ji, it’s all my fault!” a mini- version of Chu Yao said with red teary eyes, “it’s all because I didn’t take good care of Anran.”

“Yao Yao, this is not your fault.” Ji Rou said as she looked at Chu Yao, “you should quickly go home and rest! It’s late.”

“I… I want to stay back and take care of Anran…” Chu Yao said biting her lips.

Wu1…” After hearing Chu Yao’s voice, Lu Anran who had her eyes closed tightly, moved slightly.

Chu Yao! Chu Yao! Hatred led Anran to be so angry that she trembled from head to toe, the wound from the disfigurement of her face, the pain from her severed tongue, tormented her once again like before…

After that, hurried footsteps were heard from Lu Anran’s room door, when Ji Rou turned around, the person she saw was not the butler, but an uninvited guest.

“Sister- in- law!” it was Lu Anran’s third uncle – Lu Junan who arrived.

“Third younger brother? It’s so late already, what are you doing here?” Ji Rou questioned Lu Junan with a slightly displeased look.

“Sister- in- law, Director Lin came again to find me today, saying that he wants to have another dinner with you, you see….” Lu Junan grinned from ear to ear. In Director Lin’s hands are tens of millions of orders, if he can successfully sign the contract, the old man2 will definitely pass on the Lu Family to him!  He really can’t understand, older brother3 has already disappeared for 12 years, what the heck is this old man waiting for?

“I won’t go!” Ji Rou puckered up her brow, looking bitterly disappointed: “ I am your sister-in-law, you dare to go as far to make me accompany your clients to eat dinner?” The last time she was tricked into eating dinner with what’s- his- face- Director Lin, she barely escaped from being taken advantage of. Just recalling that Director’s Lin fat, oily and grimy hands clambering up her own legs, Ji Rou’s face immediately turned pale and felt a burst of nausea.

“Sister- in- law!” Lu Junan suppressed the annoyance in his heart and said, “this is also for your good! My older brother has already disappeared for 12 years, don’t a widow and her child also need a man to care for them!”

“That’s not needed! Every single day that I do not receive news of your older brother’s death, is one more day that I will wait for him. Even if someday I receive tidings of his death, for him, I am willing to be a widow for the rest of my life!” The attitude of Ji Rou was seldom so resolute.

“Sister- in- law, even if you don’t think about yourself, you should still consider Anran ah! Lu Junan gave Chu Yao a meaningful glance.

“I agree!” Chu Yao received his prompting glance, and hastily corresponded, “Auntie Ji, Anran often tells me that she wants a father…”

“…” Tightly biting down on her lower lip, Ji Rou nearly burst into tears, she wants to wait for Hao ge4 forever, however Anran is really innocent… After she turned 3 years old, she has never experienced a father’s love, this is the pain and sorrow that exists deeply in Ji Rou’s heart.   

“…” Listening to everybody’s conversation, Anran finally understood. After she died once, she had returned to the time when she was 15 years old. She can clearly remember the time she “slipped” and fell into the swimming pool, and then had high fever for the whole night. Soon after, her own uncle rushed over and forced her mother to remarry. At that moment, she foolishly believed that Chu Yao’s actions were for her mother’s own good, and was also blindingly persistent in forcing her mother. This placed her mother to be in an awkward position and eventually led her to suffer from depression… With a bit of control over her body, Lu Anran slightly moved her eyeballs and finally woke up.

1 Wu: sound of mumbling, murmuring, stammering

2 The author wrote老爷子 a polite way of referring to the head of Lu Family.

3 Older brother refers to Lu Anran’s father, Ji Rou’s husband

4 ge: often used a friendly term of address for someone (not a relative) close but older than oneself.

Part 2 will come soon~ 

Rebirth: Chapter 1 (Part 2)Rebirth: Chapter 2 (Part 2)

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